Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 51

Ok, so terrible news. First, our plans for the discussion on George Floyd’s death have been canceled and postponed for another time. Right now, something else has happened. Not here, not in Texas, not in the United States, but in India. ( Sources are from The Economy times, and petition)

On May 27th, a 15-year-old pregnant elephant, who was fed a pineapple, filled with firecrackers, FIRECRACKERS, died. She remained calm when this happened, even though she was going through tremendous pain, and died while standing. According to The Economy Times, the Wildlife Officer of Silent Valley National Park said that they observed the poor elephant on May 23 when locals had informed them about it wandering through a private area of a forest. Apparently, she had a wound of which exposed her lower jaw. She was trying to look for water, only water, to help relieve the pain. The Wildlife Officer said that they were going to take the elephant out of the river to help her, but sadly, she died while standing. 
Now, I love animals. My favorite is actually the owl, but it has transitioned to elephants, to foxes, and back to owls. I just heard this a little while ago, and I am extremely mad, shocked, and enraged with this cruel act.  Let me make one thing very clear. Ahem… ANIMALS HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG TO US AT ALL. THEY ARE INNOCENT BEINGS. NOTHING AND NO ONE DESERVES THIS. ESPECIALLY FOR THE FACT THAT THIS POOR, HARMLESS, BEAUTIFUL CREATURE WAS PREGNANT! This is like killing a soon to be a mother who is pregnant. This whole situation- put into human terms. 
Who would do such a cruel and devastating act like that??? I mean who?? When they find out whoever did this, oh, I’m not going to be happy. Not a bit. Sadly, everything I want to do for this innocent creature cannot happen. However, there is one other option, As I stated in the first paragraph, there is actually a petition going on to have justice for her. By the time this blog is posted, I will have posted my name on the petition, hopefully, anonymous with the approval on anonymous from my parents, and, I really really hope that more people- hopefully, you dear readers- will also sign your name to have justice for this elephant. 
Now, something similar also happened a while ago. I’m not sure if it was in India or not, but I do remember what happened- somewhat. So, a mother elephant- I think she was pregnant or had a child with her- had her child and was shot and killed by a farmer, just because she was looking for food for her child. Why? 
One- Yes I understand why the farmer was mad. Elephants were eating their crops that they ( the farmer) had probably grown himself. 
Two- Though it is upsetting that the animals were eating your crops, you shouldn’t go and kill the poor creature. You might not know at that second that the animal is pregnant or looking for food to support their young who is somewhere else, but why take the risk???? Why can’t you try to maybe usher her out with maybe some wheat? Or maybe some fruit. I dunno. Take her somewhere else where she can eat the food away from your crops. Maybe she might not come again. But overall, why would you go and kill such a beautiful creature that is slowly going extinct by the cruel forces of humankind that includes me???????
Ok, calm down, me. Dear readers of this blog written by a 12-year-old who has little power as of right now, please please please sign your name on the petition for Justice of the poor harmless elephant who died tragically from a cruel hooligan who thought it would be funny to do something like that. 

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