Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus lockdown- Part 50

We are 50 parts in. Congrats!!!! So, I didn’t write yesterday but before we continued our discussion I wanted to give a quick update on things. There is a curfew set in downtown areas across America because of the protests, I have finished my book- The Alchemyst- after reading it forever- which is so unlike me, and, my good friend got me a late birthday present which was so unnecessary!!!! It was really sweet of her. So I’m actually getting 2 presents, one came yesterday, and it is adorable. It is 3 pens, all with seal faces and in different colors, and fine-tipped- meaning they are great at writing notes and doing borders of artwork!  Anyway, let’s continue. I know I said that I was going to continue to write about George Floyd, but dad has talked to me about not writing about what I feel on the topics I’m writing on. Such as deficit, or National Debt. I don’t write what I feel or think. So, I guess that is what I am writing about.

So, to be honest, I don’t think I’ve understood a whole lot about deficit. I do think that it is sad. To not be able to earn more than you can spend is sad. Without saving, like I gave an example on, people might only have less food than they can eat. They might go to bed starving, or they might not have food for the next few days. I mean, I really feel bad for them. It’s quite upsetting that people have to go to bed without food or something and to think, kids may also go through this. It’s just really upsetting. Especially at this time- during corona- oh, it’s terrible! 
Now, when we go to National Debt, I’m not sure. See, taxpayers have to pay a tax, but the tax looks awfully high by the time I’m going to be able to pay my taxes. Is the U.S. actually saving money and cutting off spending on unnecessary things to lower the debt??????? Not as I’m aware. The National debt actually makes me angry. ( Well, for the U.S. National Debt) I mean, lately, President Trump has increased more than 21% since he took over the presidency. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not, but according to thebalance, President Trump has promised to eliminate our national debt in 8 years, but he has increased it instead. So, what has he done so much that has made this happen?? Now, with the debt rising higher and higher, the tax also rises. Just, can’t a president try to eliminate most of the tax. I mean, President Trump said he would, and he gave ways he would, but has he tried them, or has he done them??????? The only reason why taxpayers are giving taxes to the government is that the debt is rising higher, and the government is not saving that much!!!!!!! So, I guess, national debt makes me angry. Angry? I guess. 
OK, I wrote later than expected, yeesh, so I need to wrap up. This was such a short and maybe lame blog but it at least got my thoughts out. I hope everyone stays safe and healthy. Bye!!!!!!

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