Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 48

Hello everyone! We’re back with another blog and we’re actually going to go back to the past and talk further about the deficit. The same deficit mentioned in my blog on National Debt. I was actually supposed to write on this topic further yesterday, but I had my hands full so today is Deficit day! So, right now during this time, the U.S, debt right now. I am not entirely sure why because we are in quarantine mode. So, we should have been at least cutting down on the spending of traveling, maybe some on schools- because no one is going to school right now, and even in the military. Even without quarantine, military spending is a lot. They should cut down because, well, the U.S. is doing amazing and high with military and supplies. That will lowermost of the debt. This all relates to the deficit a lot. If you have less money than your expenses, you should spend less. This is exactly what I’ve mentioned here. Let’s say your expenses are $600 but you only get paid $500. You should cut down on spending a lot of thongs, like buy clothes or decorative items rarely and only when you need it. Maybe start walking to work to save on gasoline. Don’t buy too many items-food items- and buy the least expensive things. These can help you save A LOT and maybe you might even have a little more money at the end. Also, if you earn less than you can spend, then maybe look for another job. Get a degree in something else and graduate so you can get a new job and earn more. That way you’ll have enough money to spend and not have to spend less. You’ll have a better life. So, I guess that’s all I have to say about this. I believe that this will actually help everyone’s lives. If people earn less than they spend, I advise them to get out there and get another degree, and do the very best they can to become better, live better, and earn better. 

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