Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 46

Helloooo!!!!!!!!!!!! So I have a bit of work to do so this blog will be incredibly short. So, Mumma is starting my Summer job of grading papers for Kumon. I am grading right now so I need to write this really quick. Mumma is giving me $12 for the packet si am grading. I decided the price without actually knowing that I could have charged higher with her being okay with it. the best part is that whatever I earn will go into buying a new iPad for myself. My recent one is glitching a bit so I want a new one, and my parents have agreed!!!!! Yaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want just a simple one, not one that is all that fancy, but dad is saying or hinting that I can get the new one- the computer iPad one. ( At least that’s what I think he was saying) He wants to share the iPad with me, though I am not that sure I want to, to be very honest. Plus, I found out how I can get the newer update s for Minecraft. There is a digital game for it, so I want to see if I can get it. I think it is free. I just need to see if it is available. Anyway, I got to go. I’ve got to go and keep grading. Bye!

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