Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 43

Today is the day of the Heroes Act, Cares act, and the jobless claims. Let’s start with jobless claims. A lot of the claims are from plane jobs, our tour jobs. because nobody is traveling anymore, the flight attendants, pilots, companies who supply the airplanes- build them, supply food, blankets, earphone, etc.- lose their jobs. Not to forget about airport workers, people who work at airports. These include custodians, people who sell food at the airports, people who load the luggage, people who check you onto your flight, and more. If people aren’t traveling, tourist destinations also lose workers. Tour guides, security guards- for places such as the Mona Lisa, or maybe they are still working- food vendors, etc. People are also not going to any games. Ticket sellers lose jobs. Food vendors, some people who support the teams may also lose their jobs because fewer people are paying to come to see the games. Restaurant workers also lose their jobs. If nobody is going to sit in the restaurant then what are waitresses and waiters going to do, cashiers, cleaners, chefs? Some restraints may be open, but there may be very few people working. This picture represents the number of jobless claims in the 50 U.S. states. You can see that there are a few states with 30k and Utah is the only state with up to 5 ( Per 100K). 

Moving onto the Heroes and Cares act. The Heroes act is so beneficial. I had no idea about how much went into this bill. I found the full bill right here, and it is amazingly long. There are Divisions up to N, and that is in alphabetical order. So, A,B,C, etc. The different divisions are dedicated to one topic each. Ex: One division is all about Medical care, and the next is on agriculture and food. This is such a huge and amazing package, that I am sure will help thousands or hundreds of thousands of Americans. Though, there is some news about how this may not get through the Republican-controlled Senate. The act will be voted on May 25th. The Senate Republican representatives have dismissed the package as a non-starter. What does that mean? Does that mean that it won’t be helpful? Though they do not like the HEROES act, they want to release a Cares Act 2. It is very similar to the original, but, “… could see Americans sent $2,000…”.  I cannot wait until the 25th. I really hope that the package is signed in approval. Then, we come to the Cares act. 
So, in the Cares act, immigrants wouldn’t get the $1,200 payment that everyone else got. However, this is all changed in the Heroes act. They will get, “…receive $1,200 ( $2,400 in the case of a joint return) plus another $1,200 for every other dependant with a maximum of $3,600 and immigrants would retroactively receive the $1,200 payment they were denied under the Cares act…”. This was from this link. The same article says that there will be no changes to the original act for people who earn over $75,000. It also says that it reduces by 5% above the amount of the stimulus check. I have no clue about what they are reduced by 5%, but I think it may be about the payment- if there is some payment. Though these two packages are very different, they have been made for only one goal in mind. To help the Americans during this time. Because of the pandemic people are losing jobs. People are getting ill. They are dying. They have set aside billions or millions of dollars for specific parts to help those in need. For food, nutrition, healthcare, safety, etc. These are set for those who have lost jobs, lost money, businesses who have lost money, workers, everyone. 
I feel that the government is trying their hardest with all the power they have to help us in this time of need. If they have sent out one package with almost $2 trillion dollars for us, and are trying to pass another with 
more assistance and provisions then, I know they are really trying to help us no matter what. 

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