Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus lockdown- Part 40

Headlines of an opinionated article written on, TheWashingtonPost. Written by Mr. Paul Waldman, this article describes Mr. Waldman’s thoughts on how little President Trump is and how small his presidency is as well. Mr. Waldman says, ” …faced with a death toll from COVID-19 of 90,000 Americans and counting, Trump has pretty much decided that he’s done all he can and managing the pandemic will have to be left to somebody else…” To back up his thoughts, Mr. Waldman explained that Mr. President had said to Reuters, a news organization company, in April 2017, a few months into his presidency, “… I loved my previous life. I had so many things going on. This is more work than in my previous life. I thought this would be easier…” Mr. Wladman talks about how President trump must have sawn the public parts of being a President on TV and assumed that being the leader of the United States government, the, “…largest organization on Planet Earth- dealing with foreign and domestic policy, confronting natural and man-made disasters, trying to solve short- and long-term problems…”, would be easy. Here’s my question about this. If President Trump really thought this was harder than his previous life, and actually stated this to a news organization, then why does he want to run again for the presidency? Maybe he changed his mind and wanted to do this again, run the country again. I mean, that’s fine. But a president needs to know well. ( Sorry Mr. President, I didn’t know the right word.) Another news article –> What our leaders can do now. If you remember, in part 10 I wrote about a blog from Mr. Bill Gates. This is the blog. Now, if you remember, I mentioned/ Mr. Gates talked about hydroxychloroquine, which is a drug that can treat and prevent malaria, as well as treat lupus and arthritis. Mr. Gates wrote that people started hoarding the drug and made it difficult for lupus patients who need it to survive, find it. He mentioned this drug when talking about not stoking rumors. It was said that this was approved as an emergency treatment. I think that we shouldn’t be taking this drug. It is only meant to be used for lupus, arthritis, and malaria. Yes, it may be approved, but you shouldn’t. More people may die because of not having the drug- those who actually need it- rather than Corona. ( Though a lot more people would be sick from Corona.) Just announced recently that Mr. Presidnet has been taking this drug, has caused many stories to inch forward on this topic. From Fox News, President Trump defends the drug. Not only does he defend it, but he also hits back at the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi saying that she is a waste of time, a sick woman, and has a lot of mental problems after she stated, “Trump shouldn’t take the unproven drug, especially given his age and weight…” Ok, both of them went too far, Mr. Presidnet went a bit more. Yes, Ms. Pelosi was giving a point on how the President should not have been taking the drug, but maybe she shouldn’t have added anything about his weight and age. I’m not sure in what way she was trying to say this. I understand that after this being said, Mr. President would be upset about someone talking about him like that, but he went too far. Calling someone sick, other than in a slang way and if that person is ill, is not very nice or appropriate. As well as saying they have mental problems. Maybe he was just upset, but still, it was not very appropriate to say. Mr. president defends the drug saying that it gives an additional safety level. First, it is not proven that it is. Second, you shouldn’t take anything that is not meant to be used. Meaning, you shouldn’t take the hydroxychloroquine drug because it is more important for people who really need it, with lupus, and without consent. ( Now I sound like I’m repeating myself) President Trump should have asked his doctor or someone is the scientific or medical field or at least someone who knows and studies medicine and vaccines about taking this drug. I now understand, why Mr. Waldman wrote about Mr. President’s presidency. Mr. President took a drug that is unproven, which he believes is an additional safety level, and is meant for people who have lupus and need it to survive; and people have been hoarding it, making it difficult for the lupus patients to find. This may be leading to some deaths- I am not very sure if it is, and Mr. President isn’t making enough decisions or maybe the best ones to help us during the pandemic. We have over 1 million cases, and though we have the most number of tests, it isn’t the best. Thousand of Americans are dying and hospital staff and researches are trying their hardest to get the virus under control. The real question is, What is President Trump doing for our country during this pandemic? 

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