Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 39

Ok, so this is my update from the last two days I didn’t write. Today is currently Monday, May 18, 2020. On Saturday, I finally posted my audition recording with the help of my private lesson teacher, and it sounded incredible!!!!!!! Now, I have to wait until the 22nd for my results. I really hope I get into Chamber!! Today, we went to Kroger and Mumma’s center. She will now be doing only one student at a table, which are all 6 feet apart, and only a few at a time. At Kroger, we went shopping and I went shopping for the first time in a very long time. To be very honest, I don’t know how to wear a mask. seriously, I don’t. I have trouble making sure it covers my nose and mouth, and it’s a bit uncomfortable. anyway, it’s been a fun day today. We reviewed Marathi, which was fun because exams and Shala are over. I filled out my survey, my very last HW assignment for this year, so I am officially finished with the Medlin 2019-2020 school year. I have decided to make my own fruit and vegetable garden. It will benefit us so we can have our own fresh-food so we don’t have to wait and buy them. My okras started sprouting wildly, cucumbers are bursting a bit, and my pineapple is now it’s water cup, slowly growing its roots. My Strawberries are still growing, no sign of growing yet, so I have to wait, and I have also planted some Sweet Bell peppers and beans today. Ok, moving on. The topic I was supposed to write on Thursday and Friday is on the many many job losses in the U.S. I did not get to do that, so I guess this is my topic for today.

So, according to this chart below, most job losses were in the ending week of March 28. I tried researching what happened that week, and I have only found these few things. Gov. Abbot launched 5-minute tests, March 28th was Italy’s deadliest day with 900 deaths, and President Trump was considering short-term quarantine. I honestly don’t remember what happened that week. How can the filing for jobless claims be that high and almost reaching 7M in maybe 2 weeks? After that, there were fewer and fewer. Did we get more cases that week? I don’t know. I really don’t remember. All I can say is that I understand how the people who lost their jobs feel. Earlier in the 2019 year, my dad lost his job- before Coronavirus. I know how they are different, but also the same. It was hard, hearing that. Hearing that you will no longer be paid, you are not working for this job. But then again, the jobless now are still working, until Corona is over, then they can still work their job and earn like they used to. Still, it was hard. Incredibly hard. We had hope, I knew that my dad could get a job, and he did. It’ll change. Hopefully and hopefully soon the doctors will crack the coded for the vaccine and it will work. Those who are disease will be cured, and they will get better. We will slowly get back to our regular lifestyles, go to school, work, interaction, late shopping when you realize that you forgot to buy the milk, and more. Now, I have got to go. It is already 6:36, and dad just created y new schedule for me. It is my last week of school, next week is summer, and I have a new schedule. Yaaay. Soo fun. I know you are reading this dad. I’ve said it. You know it. It’s done. Your only answer is, Sure. Ugh, now after this is over I have to play a chess match with dad. I know how to play chess, but I don’t like to. I will write more on this tomorrow when I am less in a mood and actually feel like writing. 

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