Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 37

May 12th, 2020:
Well, today isn’t much like yesterday. More just about the news. Not very exciting. One article, in particular, is interesting. It says, ” Fauci enters Quarantine as the US Coronavirus death toll nears 80,000.” Well, after reading a few lines of this, I thought that they were saying that Dr. Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, tested positive. That would be very bad. Incredibly bad. Not that it isn’t bad already, but it would be bad. I’m not entirely sure about what he is doing to stop corona, but I have a guess that he is taking the data from the vaccine tests and results to find out a cure or studying the disease further. He will be quarantined for 2 weeks. I’ll post the link at the bottom. I wonder what he will be doing. Actually, I wonder what everyone else is doing, at the White House and such. There are hundreds of people who work at the White house. I wonder what everyone is doing at this time. Do they still go to work, or are they at home like everyone else? Do the Senior Staff still meet with the President every morning? What is the President doing? Is his work slowing down? Is he having fewer briefings in the Situation Room? Does the Press Secretary still brief the press? So many questions. I also want to know where Dr. Fauci works. I mean, he’s mentioned/ shown a lot with President Trump and with the White House. Does he work in the White House, or does he have his own office at the Capitol, or somewhere else? are there more people like Dr. Fauci in the US, or anywhere else. Well, duh, but like what he does. Around the world are there people like him? Are the White House workers tested more if they go to work? How often is the President tested? Who tests the citizens, like are there designated people in each state, or something else? Also, how extreme is quarantine versus staying at home. I can list some reasons, but how extreme? 
I know that Quarantined people can not go outside and come in direct contact with others. I don’t really do that, I stay at home and go out only for exercise. My parents go out for groceries and shopping every once in a while. I guess that’s also restricted. Who delivers the groceries for the quarantined people? Like there is at Walmart, do they order online from stores for delivery at home? Ahh! So many questions! Maybe after this is all over I can write a letter to the President/ White House and ask them. Ooh, that will be nice. I can finally get some real answers that the strange ones that Google gives me that are unrelated to my question. That sounds like a good plan. I should really start wrapping this up, so to end I’ll just brief you with some of the cool things I’ve decided to do. Probably the tiniest bit mediocre, but I really need a good closing. Well, today I have decided to start learning Latin on Duolingo. this will be as well as Japanese and Marathi. I’ve learned/ started to learn two Asian languages, so I want to learn an old language. An originating language. There’s a lot of different things than our present-day language. ( English) I’ve already started learning some and here’s what I’ve learned. Girl means Puella. Boy means Puer. Man means Vir. Woman means Femina. ” Ego sum Femina,” means, I am a woman. I’m pretty excited to get further at learning this. Anyway, I just got commented by dad a few seconds ago about how good my last blog was. Wow. He’sd just being too nice. something’s wrong with him today. Hmmm, I should “investigate” this further. Bye. Bye, my only friend at home. My lonely swarmed thought written blog. Bye. I’ll write again tomorrow. And Thursday. And maybe for at least another 3 months. Bye.

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