Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 36

Well, this is the same again. The same thing every time. Writing a blog, some of which are pretty mediocre. This same process every day. until now. See, I got a tip to write about animal enslavement. In Minecraft, I have been desperately trying to tame a Llama. I finally managed to and tamed 4-5 llamas. Huzzah! Then, dad asked, whether animal enslavement was the same as human enslavement. ” That’s absurd” comes to mind, but then, it really makes you think. Is it the same. thinks so. They say, that though it is different from human slavery, it is, after all, a type of slavery. I do think it is the same. We all may think it isn’t because we’re dominant. We can kill a chicken and eat it. It may be a bit difficult for them but we might kill them faster. Thinking about this makes me go back to Planet of the Apes. The original movie shows the same thing. Apes have taken over, and now the humans are slaves. Horses were used to pull carts, humans were used, animals were put into cages, humans were put into cages, animals are used as pets, humans were used as pets. After you put this into perspective, you really start to question whether or not if they are the same. In my opinion, yes, animal enslavement is the same as human enslavement.

Animals are used in many ways. Almost taken for advantage now. We used horses to pull carriages, cattle, and livestock bred for meat and food, animals for studying and put them into cages, hunting, and more. Human slavery. Slaves were forced to work with little or no payment. They were treated without respect and were separated and categorized as different. Animal and Human enslavement is different in many ways, but they both are put to work and harshly treated. Animals may seem happy but, what if they’re not. Kept behind a cage all day, poked and prodded at and only let out for very little reasons. No one thinks about this when you put this into a human perspective. Maybe one day, the animals will turn onto us, and who knows, maybe we will understand what the reality is like for them. People say to not harm the animals, Oh be kind to them. Giving them good food, homes, care, isn’t the same. To truly be kind, is to leave them be. Actually, let them go back to who they were. This is really sad now. We depend on them so much, for food and other things, that we may change. Some people really love meat, and I’ll be honest, I love chicken and a nicely cooked Turkey bacon on the weekends. It’ll be really hard for us to get used to not eating those anymore if we are kind to them. Then again, should we keep some cows for milk, and some animals for farms? That’s another question. If we let go of animals, what do we do!? Can we change the way we farm? The way we eat? Live? 

I feel upset. I really love chicken and I love Turkey Bacon. I always wait for the next time Mumma cooks them. I really would feel mad and upset if we stopped using animals and let them be free. But then, I feel shocked when I thought further about animal enslavement. I couldn’t believe that this was the same as our experience. Slavery. It was like the same thing. We said this shouldn’t happen again, though we-including myself- haven’t realized that we do it every day. We might eat about thousand of innocent animals every year. Thousands maybe hurt from us. From polluting their environments, and taking them from their homes and breeding them for our own use is selfish. Yes, selfish. These creatures were here first and we pretty much pushed them out. What have we done!!?? Now, what do we do!?? That is the real question. If we actually do give back to the animals, and truly be kind to them, what do we do?

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