Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 35

Ok, so a lot is going on right now. I don’t have a lot of time, so I need this to be really short and simple. I totally Procrastinated today with my work. Dad gave me another Algebra 1 test- WHYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!- and after I asked him why he said he’ll tell me later. Hmm, I wonder what he means as later because later was at least 9 hours ago. I had to do the test, so I put it aside and then I totally forgot to do it!!!!!!!!!!! That’s why I need to do it now. I also procrastinated on doing my blog. I said I was going to do it earlier so I have time to do Kumon and the test if I forgot to, but I forgot!!!!!! Time goes by really fast!! Plus, I have a violin lesson today, and one assignment was to record myself playing Minuet No. 1 with the piano accompaniment. WHY! I forgot to do that! I said I would do it but I forgot! I’m probably going to be in trouble. I tried yesterday, but I sounded TERRIBLE!!! Too many screeches and terrible string crossings. The accompaniment is really fast, so I rush thinking I’m behind, but then I get too ahead, then I lose track, then it becomes a whole mess. I can’t listen to it because my playing blocks the piano coming to me. ARRGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, I’m more late for writing this. I have to finish my Kumon, which I do for 10 pages each. I have more packets now because of math, so that’s also a problem. What’s worse, THERE”S ALMOST NO TIME TO DO ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!! Arghh! I really wanted to play Minecraft but that’s going to wait until tomorrow or after Marathi Shala. Oh yeah, we’re doing a game-time Marathi Shala. At least one thing’s going to be one fun thing this evening. Ok, I’ve really got to go! Sorry if this is a nonsense blog, I really needed to write something!!!!!!!!

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