Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 34

Ok, it’s already 6:06 p.m, and I’m not supposed to work this late, but I have to write my blog, so here goes. This will be pretty quick, and hopefully not mediocre like it sometimes is. Hehe. I’m not really sure what to write about, so I’ll just give an opinion on the news.  One article says that an NYC nurse was arrested for stealing the credit card of a dying corona patient. The nurse stole the card and used it for gas and groceries. The patient’s daughter told NBC News that, ” …when her father’s American Express Statement came in she was shocked to find gas and grocery charges made during his hospitalization. She had her father’s wallet and card so she felt as if it had to be someone at the hospital…” I can’t believe someone would do that!!!!!!! I mean, that nurse was supposed to take care of the patient. She gave him his medication and treated him. Suddenly she decides to take his wallet? I mean, there could be other reasons why. They haven’t said more bout the nurse, but what if she really needed the money. But then again, she was working at the hospital and treating patients. She would get paid enough to cover the gas and groceries. Has she suddenly decided to save her money and use someone else’s so that she doesn’t waste her own?? I mean, this is absurd!! A doctor/nurse who should be treating patients who are diseased with a virus that is killing thousands is instead medicating them, then decides to steal their credit card to pay off their gas and groceries. Who does that!!!!! And at this time with the pandemic infecting thousands by the day!!!!!!!!!!! I’m going to have to stay updated on that one to know what happens next. I want to hear the nurse’s reason for doing this. And, writing that, I need to go. It’s already 6:31. Bye!

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