Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 33

OK, BIG NEWS!!!!! Dad just did the most amazing thing ever!!!!!!! He updated my Minecraft, so now, I have the new version. I’m not sure if it’s completely new, like with the pillagers and stuff, but I still need to check. I only got a few minutes to test this out. I am soo excited to play this!!!!! What’s even better, is that he’s going to move my Xbox upstairs. WOOOHOOO!!!!!!!!! I love him so much right now! To be honest, I’m going to be a bit disappointed if there aren’t the pillagers and I sort of would like the newer things, bees, honeycombs, lanterns, but so far, I see a Trident, Turtles, and some other stuff!!!!!!!!!! after all my HW is done, I get to play Minecraft!! I am on Period 4 right now, and I’m just writing this early so I don’t work late. I’ve finished P.E HW, and I need to do Art, my Artist Statement, and my Orchestra HW + Private Lesson HW. I’m SOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aside from my excitement that is very much, annoying sometimes, Mumma graded my Kumon Math test, and I’ve passed. I am officially a J by 6 student!!!!!! Mumma wants me to redo the test because there are a few things that I struggled with while working, and those are the crucial parts in level J. Continuing on, I studied some Marathi yesterday, and I’ve gotten my Numbers down. Today is the next step. Mumma is at the Center, dad is at home, on his many busy calls. I’m just sitting here excited and waiting for it to be 4:10. Time goes by REALLY REALLY QUICKLY. Ms. Cantrell, my principal just sent an email to everyone so I need to read that. Yesterday, I almost went to bed without practicing m Duolingo- Japanese. Oof. I would’ve lost my streak, and I wouldn’t have gotten better at understanding the Hiragana. I still need to finish up my Kumon, so I need to go do that. Bye!!!!!!

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