Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus lockdown- Part 32

May 5, 2020:

Log number 32 of the 9 weeks at home COVID-19 series. I just finished my test for Kumon today, got it all ready to be graded, and I’ve completed all my math HW and looked at ELS. I have no u=idea about what I have to do for art, even though there are instructions. I have to write an artist statement, which I have literally no idea how to do for the choice I am dong. I’m doing #2, which is a point shape perspective. I’ll have to try again tomorrow. I’ve been thinking about getting another fish. I’m not sure if I’ve told you this already. anyway, I’ve had A LOT of fish in the past. The very first one I’ve gotten was in Ohio, named Snowy, at around 5 years old. She lived for a while, before going belly-up. I had no clue she was dead and thought she was sleeping. Mumma took her to the doctor, I learned she was dead, flushed down the toilet, etc. The same process happened for a while except, the fish started dying quicker. I have a plastic semi-circle bowl I hung on my wall, and we always kept the fish in there. It wasn’t until we moved to Texas when I wanted another fish. Last year, we cleaned up that bowl and brought a goldfish home. She lived for less than 2 days. One more, who died overnight. This time I have plans for a beta fish, one who will live in a glass bowl and will live!!! ( After Corona)  I mentioned this yesterday, but I really want to buy Minecraft on my phone. There was a really cool new update to the game ( on my Xbox) and I just blew it off. Now I have the glum version, with the old updates and I really want the new one. There are new blocks, villages/villagers, enemies, weapons, and cooler features. I really want it NOW!!!!!!!!! I’m hoping that one day I can find the update so I can have the cool stuff too! Why do I procrastinate sometimes????!!!!!!!!! Anyway, I’ve got to go study Marathi now. Bye!!!!!!!!

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