Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 28

April 28, 2020:

Ok, so I’ve just finished all my HW. Now, I have to finish up my blog and do this study with my dad for math. So, ow I’m skipping Algebra 1 to go to Geometry. Yaaay. How fun. It looks like another summer’s time will be put majorly into this. Yaaay. Anyway, my mom just quizzed me on landforms for Marathi and she’s very proud. Yes! I also got my other fact right nad my song right except for some pronunciation errors. I’ve finished up Leadowrthy and I’m planning o  finishing the last paragraph for ELA, my Orchestra work, and Art for tomorrow. Hopefully, I can start level J soon because I’m going to test soon. I’ve just finished Level I review for math- Kumon- and I’m hoping to start Level J so I can accomplish J by 6!! It’s the next achievement, then there is level completion. I can’t wait!!!!!!!! Hello, Amazing sides and progress from Kumon!!!! Goodbye, boring times!!!!!!!!!!! Let me update you on the latest news. Tomorrow is Cheesecake day. We’ll finally be able to taste my cheesecakes!!!!!! I’ve been rewarded a mango for my progress in Marathi. Not a big reward for others, but for me, it’s my reward. Mangoes freshly cut and eating form the skin is the best thing to do. I Love Mangoes! They are just the best fruit, maybe tied with blackberries, and I understand why they are the king of fruits. I’ve got tips and an idea for what my Orchestra directors are looking for kids getting into Chamber, so now I can practice hard to accomplish those skills and get in!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!! Also, my dad started showing off his geek side about wizardry and magic and math. HE made a math Hogwarts for the concept of Algebra/ Math. He started geeking out on all the different forms of math that are wizardry and witchcraft and magic. So yeah. I’ll tell you more later on my dad’s Redfern School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

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