Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 27

April 27: 2020

Ok, so my Marathi test- Oral exam- is this Saturday. May 2nd. This whole week I have to dedicate almost Lall my time to studying so I can pass this test. Few perks of this test. No Marathi HW after that except reading probably- which I like, and, I can get it over with. Today is Monday and on Mondays, I usually try to finish up all my school HW. Well, Mumma is now doing this thing where I have to have all of Aga Bai Daga Bai memorized, And facts on these two important people. These will be crucial facts and things needed during the test. But, the progress I have so far is, have only 3 class period HW’s done, have only 1st and 2nd stanzas memorized- out of 3-, and have most of the facts memorized on the two people. Mumma went to the center and she says that when she comes back I will be tested. Yaaay. How fun. She’s coming back at 6:30 so I’m trying to get the rest of my work done. All my other HW is on hold being halfway done, and my Kumon ha sonly been partially completed. I still need to finish my Reading Kumon packets, and I have to finish up this blog.

Update: Yesterday we got an air fryer!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAY!!!!! Yesterday was also the Mango harvest so we got mangoes, but we couldn’t eat egg. Yesterday I made 3 cheesecakes with the new air fryer, which all have egg. Even if we couldn’t eat egg yesterday, we at least got time to refrigerate them. Then again, we also cannot eat eggs today and tomorrow. Wednesday it is! I am so excited. We took a sneak peek this morning, and they came out so well! I cannot wait. Also, wish me luck for the exam. I’m going to try the best I can, but still, I need to pass. I can’t repeat this same level for the 3rd time. I have to repeat it because I studied work but never tested. Anyway, I need to be in level 4, where I should be, and I really need Marathi to be over. I better get to memorizing that last stanza of Aga Bai Daga Bai and get those facts straight and accurate. *Sigh* This is so exhausting. Bye!

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