Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 25

April 23, 2020:

Today’s blog is just about what I feel. I’m just going to go through my head and think about what I feel. Well, I want to be a lawyer when I grow up. At first, I thought they were people who made cases to protect families and people and yell at other lawyers’ faces to prove they’re right. Hehe. I really love to debate with a good argument. Last year in Gates, we had our first Debate and I was really excited. The topic was not the best. I had to be partners with Sam and to be honest, it’s uncomfortable. we pretty much tied with Colbie’s team and dang, she’s good. We literally had no idea about what to say after she did a rebuttal, or was it something else? I dunno, I don’t like the debate reules. I like one where we get to make our case, ad fight for the right of someone’s right- or just prove that the opposing team is wrong. Anyway, we had our next debate but switched the opposing teams. This time, it was against Noah and Caroline. Each team- Opposing and others- decided their topic. At least this would be better. Ours was sports. It was a debate about watching sports games at home. Noah and Sam are both basketball fans and were good advantages. Sam researched the stadium ticket costs and TV costs while I made the arguments. I’m just going to give it to you straight. Our argument was pretty AWESOME!! If I can find it, I’ll put the link to our argument below. We actually won. HAHA! It was the best debate in my life. Before this, there was a so-so debate that includes a Gingerbread eraser, multiple “lawyers”, recess, and a whole lot of Drama. So, there was a gingerbread eraser in the book fair. Ben got one, and Noah, liking it, got one as well. He named it Ginger and Ben’s gingerbread and Noah’s were pretty much siblings. ( I think) Well, Noah really liked Ginger, and so a few people stole Ginger. I don’t remember it all. I do remember that Ginger was stolen, and Noah found her somewhere in the classroom, hidden. Noah decided to hold a trial and I volunteered to be his Lawyer. Pretty much, I’m the only lawyer and the only one to accept. After being his lawyer, I got my statement ready a few weeks ahead. I was also Sam’s lawyer at that time. Then a series of firing and hiring happened as the lawyer trend went around. Kinsey became his lawyer but then Kinsey had no idea so I was re-hired. I’m the best at my job. Later I gathered plenty of evidence. There will also be a link for that at the bottom. So, I re-read it and I have to say, I was really loving my job. My evidence and questions and stand as a lawyer was pretty sweet. I think my link checks out the rest of the story. Anyway, we all just finished court when recess was over, and I think we all forgot what happens next. A few people actually got to do their statement, including me, so yeah. I later had the next opportunity to become a lawyer- yes lawyer- this year.

 The Trial of Sponge Bob Square Pants. My teacher made it all courtroom looking and she wore the judge robe and had a “gavel”. It was awesome.  My team was the opposition of SpongeBob. We said he was guilty of murdering Mr. Krabbs. ( I really don’t like Sponge Bob, so this was fun to prove him wrong and guilty.) My team was my table. Me, Celine, Ben, Zach, Cody, and Luke. Luke is an expert debater. I thought Colbie was the only one. Because of him, we blew the house. Wait, no that was ben. Ben made up this reverse theme song, and it was AWESOME. Everyone loved it, even the team saying he was innocent. Sadly, we didn’t win the debate for Team B- The TEAM B was both guilty and innocent. Some say it includes Zach and opposite stuff, but he’s my friend and maybe it was an accident, I write wrong answers by mistake sometimes. Anyway, the courtroom was really fun. Ms. Gallagher is an awesome teacher. The last day of school- before spring break and stay at the home break- was when we did this completely random debate which I – Yes I am saying it- hated. I and Celine were on the same team was the best part. What sucks was that the rest included a group of girls who we were sorta friends with. I mean, I know Loseli, Ava, Samantha, and Kaely, and I am sort of friend with them, but I don’t really like Kaelyn. I think she doesn’t like me. Ava doesn’t really focus when we work- I was in a group with her before and she barely did anything, got distracted often- and Sam- Samantha- is the same. I’ve known Loseli for a few years and she’s nice but I’m not close friends with her so… Plus, I and Celinje wanted to work alone on it together, but one of them told Ms. Gallagher and made us work with them. They already had their points down without telling us- I’m not sure how it’s fair but I don’t think it is- and yeah. They just acted like we weren’t there except when we asked them questions. I and Celine didn’t really care about talking to them and just stuck together. S

Then I’ve learned further details about law and politics, learning about Congress, The Cabinet, Senate, and the White House. To be more specific, the West Wing. So, that being said and writing down all my past experiences, I guess you probably know I want to be a lawyer because I want to debate. ( and I have a lot of details and opinions on people)

LINK!! – Debate

Link– Court/ Trial of the stolen Ginger ( By the way, the Zach mentioned in here is the same one who was the one at my SpongeBob debate-team)

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