Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 24

April 22, 2020:

Today’s post is about… SELF SUFFICIENT ECONOMY V.S. GLOBAL ECONOMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is Self sufficient economy?

Self Sufficient economy is the ability for families and individuals to be sufficient in income to meet their basic needs consistently. When we put this with a country, that means a country is independent and does not import goods and services because they produce their own goods.

What is Global Economy?

Global economy is the system of trade and industry across the world. Or, Free trade = Global economy.

This is literally all I know. Since yesterday to today, I have been reading 4-5 different articles, and none of them make any sense in any way or help me understand further about this topic. I’ve got one that says, ” Why the US will survive the end of globalization.” This doesn’t relate, it only talks about caution signs and the US is the world’s largest economy. Here’s another, ” Self-Reliant Economy: Myth vs. Reality.” Sure this sounds helpful, but when I read this, it says Nepal, Nepal, Nepal, NEPAL, Nepal, NEPAL!!!  It compares things in  Nepal, the economics of Nepal, and mentions India a few times. What do I learn from that, if it only gives one example????? Is there any website that actually answers the question of a kid who wants to pursue her dreams of being a lawyer and has to understand economy first, who is raging in her head while stuck at home ( her own mind), who is writing a blog every day because she loves her parents so much she will listen to them and do whatever they say even if it means working for at least 5 hours and 10 minutes upstairs where the AC isn’t on making everything feel hot and unbearably sweaty, who is tired and just wants the Coronavirus to stop so she can finally have socializing again that is not online or includes the same TWO people she sees every day for the last 7 weeks?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, that got out of hand. ( sorry) It feels good writing your feelings out. Here is one more, learning about Self-Sufficient Economy and Global Economy is not that interesting to me. I like Politics and law, but if I need to know economics then I will, and hopefully find it interesting sometime sooner or later.

Since I’ve not learned anything, I have to write this- dad said to and it is very true. I have read 5 articles on this topic and have not learned anything. I am ashamed of myself. There said it- wrote it- done. Can I go outside now?? NO.

Links for sites:

Why the Us will survive globalization

The benefits of Free trade: Addressing Key Myths

Self Reliant Economy

Today I read about Lakshman.

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