Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 23

April 21, 2020:

Ok, so today’s post was supposed to be about the self-sufficient economy and Global economy, but it’s the end of the day, I’m tired, and id I wrote more than what I’ve researched, then I would be having a blank mind about what  I am even writing about. Below is what the post was supposed to look like- sort of.

 Today’s post is about… SELF SUFFICIENT ECONOMY V.S. GLOBAL ECONOMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is Self sufficient economy?

Self Sufficient economy is the ability for families and individuals to be sufficient in income to meet their basic needs consistently. When we put this with a country, that means a country is independent and does not import goods and services because they produce their own goods.

What is Global Economy?

Global economy is the system of trade and industry across the world. Or, Free trade = Global economy.

My dad sent me 2 links about this, and just by reading their titles, to be honest, I have not a single clue about what they’re talking about. So, instead, I’m going to go back to what today we like. Yesterday, I finished all my HW, all according to my schedules-alarms. I finished ELA, PE, and started Orchestra today. There are 2020 Auditions for Orchestra’s and I’m doing Etude B. The only problem is that I have no idea how to do the note rhythm in measure 4. I contacted my friend, and she helped me out, yet I have a bit of confusion, so I’m just going to do my best tomorrow, and try it out. All Pass scores for this week, and speaking of weeks, I have just completed week 7 at home after April 19- Sunday- ended. Yesterday, I sort of got into an argument with my parents and I got myself into a mess where my dad switched doff my wifi and data. To be honest, yesterday was a bit fun and it wasn’t a big deal when I had no access to TV on my phone or iPad. Though I made a very clear and fair point about why I should watch West Wing- yesterday- and he let me watch for an hour. YES! I woke up this morning and learned that he turned it back on. My mom had told him he yelled ta me yesterday morning- I don’t remember- and last night as I was reading The Alchemyst, he apologized. And because he was feeling guilty, he switched it back on. I could have been okay for at least 2 days. I had some fun yesterday in finally using my AG dolls’ boxes, and turning them into the cutest closets ever! I and my dad had made little hangers for the clothes my uncle had got for them when he visited me 3 years ago. I finally put them to use and created perfect storage for their outfits, and better use for them instead of shoving them into a messy corner where they would hopefully go unnoticed. I have finished all my HW, listened to my dad talks about how he wants me to skip Algebra I so I do High school math next year- or skip 7th grade ELA- and showed me the tests and proved to me that I can do it. > Sigh< WHY?? Anyway, I hope everyone is safe, well, healthy, and is doing something engaging and fun over the break. BYE!

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