Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus lockdown- Part 20

April 16, 2020:

Ok, let’s get started. There are 2,177, 299 cases in the world. The US has 675,527 cases. There are 27,524 new cases. For some reason, I feel like the number is always like 27,524 or something close to it. I’m not sure why. There are 2,079 new deaths. So, I checked the other countries’ deaths for today, and none of them are in the 1,000’s or past 600 other than the US. Hmm, interesting. I really don’t know what to write so, I’ll just write about what I feel. I feel lonely and tired and trapped- mentally.  Coronavirus is limiting my time outside, as well as the weather. I and my dad haven’t gone outside for a while because of the cold weather. I miss going to school and having real classes where I can learn without having online instructions without clarification and playing with my Orchestra our pieces. At least, on Saturday I get to go on a non-outside road trip with my dad just for fun. TO SEE THE OUTDOORS!!!!! Yay! I just really wish I could go out. after this all ends, I will never take for granted going to Walmart, and talking to people. NEVER AGAIN. All I’m asking is to go outside for purposes other than maintaining health. I’m tired of staying at home and being isolated from the outside world. I need to go outside for real!!!!!! Are people who aren’t taking this seriously enjoying their time outside, feeling invincible, or do they actually feel guilty on the inside, but just don’t want to prove it??

Today was, as usual, the same. Get up, breakfast, shower, work, work, lunch, work, work, work, work, blog, read, dinner, free time, etc and repeated. I miss getting up at 5:35 in the mornings, showering early and rushing to get all my stuff for the new day. Catch the bus, walk into school and go to class. Switch, switch, lunch, switch, switch, switch, switch, and finally switch one last time; then go catch my bus and go home. There, I would get a snack, do my Kumon, schoolwork, Schoolwork review, chores, and read if I had extra time before it’s time for dinner. Then, I get ready for bed, read until 8:30, and then sleep. A least that was busy and full of more things to do than this boring schedule at home. at least somethings are better. For Art, I have a free period- at home- so I drew this really cool drawing of The Great Diamond Authority. I’ll upload a picture at the end of tomorrow’s post- my phone died. At least my drawings are more interesting and fun than what I do at Art at school. That’s probably something to be happy about- that I don’t do art class ( school)- but it also isn’t because at least I was interacting. We also made Clay pots before Spring Break and we’re supposed to get them back by the time we got back, but we can’t. I wonder if the school will be closed for such a long time that there would be dust on the desks. Nah. That sounds like 3 years. Hopefully, COVIDwon’t, and most likely it will not. It might all be over before 2021 starts, or maybe just at the start. Either way, I need this to stop, for the sake of everyone who might be at risk, who are infected, and who are recovering.

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