Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 19

April 15, 2020:

There are 2,073,394 cases in the world. The US has 641,299 cases. Several new cases are staying in the more, 20,000 -30,000. I mean, at least the US has the most number of testa in the world, but still. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY CASES??? Anyway, I wanted to write about the US economy/ economy just in general. I learned Demand and supply in school, and yesterday, my dad and I put it to the test in real-life terms. So, right now, there is a lot of demand and supply happening in the economy, most likely it always is, but I just learned about it yesterday. If there is high demand, the price is high, but if the demand is low, then the price is low. some companies with low demand are clothing stores such as Kohls, JC Penny, Macy’s, restaurants, hardware stores, art stores, car dealerships, schools, etc. I know that the top company with a lot of demand is Amazon. A lot of people are buying online so there is less interaction/contact. Ther also is Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, etc. A lot of people are staying at home now as well as kids. Not to forget, CLEANING PRODUCT COMPANIES!! At this time, cleaning products are a must. There also is Zoom.  Kids are doing school at home, adults are having meetings at home. A lot of things are spent at home right now. Zoom is a big deal right now. The best way to communicate all at once. I said that Google may be an option, but my dad said that it was something different. He still hasn’t told me what it is yet. I really do not like this Supply and Demand order. Because of the Coronavirus, I can’t eat out without takeout, though only some companies do that, buy new clothes, or even go to school!!! Plus, lots of people are losing their jobs because their shops and businesses are shut down!! This virus has to end, now.
Ok, so today, I just have too much to do. First, I have to finish the last piece of Marathi HW, Orchestra HW, I have to clean the doorknobs, I have to read these small Indian books though I’ve finished dreading them, write a blog, and just, do more stuff!!! I really need to have more interaction. I am going crazy here at home. My friends are going to do a special BIRTHDAY FaceTime for me because they forgot my birthday and wanted to celebrate it, and we all decided to do the same for everyone else. They are so sweet! Celine asked me to find a time and date, and everyone will be there! At least that is fun about today. Right now, I just want to be done with my homework, and relax. 

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