Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown – Part 18

April 14, 2020:

Update: There are 1,992,189 total cases worldwide, and 126,066 deaths. The US has reached 611,156 cases and 25,924 total deaths. I don’t have my phone with me so I can’t check the news, but, according to what I know and what my parents are saying about it, there has been some “fight” or claim for credit about who got the economy started up again. I do remember that President Trump said that he wanted the economy to be running again by easter. I think that did happen, but, there is something about President Trump and the economy. I think it was that he was not being the bigger person/taking credit for this. I’m not entirely sure, so I’ll write more about that tomorrow. either way, woohoo! Our economy is back again. Yet, this could be a bit difficult if there will be social interaction. Hmm. I wonder what President Trump means by economy back up again. Stocks, exporting, importing? Exporting and importing most likely not. I really need to read the news. I’m not very trusting without TE! Text evidence. The most important thing you need when you write summaries, articles, CER’s, and more! ( Only thing that will let you get points for your projects or get you published) Plus, this seems like a good story to read. I wonder what my parents meant by Mr. Trump being the bigger person if that is what they meant to say.

Moving on. I finished my Art HW, settling on creating a sloth drawing out of toothpaste on a piece of cardboard. I’ll post pictures at the end. I also finished my Marathi Homework, got a 100 on my math, science, and a reassuring answer to my question in ELA. I also got a very thrilling remark on my Assignment for Leadworthy. ( That will also be at the bottom.) I chose Cultural Ettiqite, US and Japan. Plus, we have a flipgrid for our Leadworthy class for good things, and I can’t wait to see everyones! ( To be honest, I kind of liked my teacher’s house a bit. Quite comfy and bright.) I also got almost all my Marathi HW done. Only one last thing to do. I drew some fun pictures of Steven Universe, tried drawing a blackberry as a human, not very good, and I suppose I am now itching to complete this blog, clean the doorknobs, and read my books. This is probably the shortest entry I’ve written, but at least it was more informative than boring. ( In my opinion)

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