Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 17

April 13, 2020:

So, today, there are 1,922,891 total cases in the world. The number of deaths has reached 119,567, but at least there are 443,861 people recovered. STILL BAD. The US has 586,093 cases. What just happened?? They got to 500,000 that quickly and now there are almost 600,000!!! are Americans not listening?? But then again, the only reason these numbers are so big is that the US is having A LOT of tests. Good, we are having more testing. Bad, people are infected. AND FAST. Also, I just read the news, and officials say that they found fake COVID-19 testing kits shipped the US on March 12. Who EVEN DOES THAT????!!!!!!! There was also this: a mother was taking care of her son with down syndrome. Mothers will do anything to help their children and protect them. The sad part is, they died from Corona 9 days apart. I am very sorry for them. This virus has to be ended. If it ended now would be my preference and hope. I wonder if people are getting more infected by just going out with no purpose. There was a news article, and it said that in Indonesia, there is a ghost known in folklore, and volunteers have been making surprise patrols to scare them back home. This actually backfired because they became social media sensations and people started coming out of their homes to see them. Though it might have lasted for a short time, that time might have been really helpful, and the plan might have actually worked. I wonder if there is some folktale or something that scares people ere in America. I’m not saying this would be the best option, but maybe it could work. It sort of did in Indonesia.

Ok, so yesterday was my birthday. WOOHOO! It was soo fun! In the morning I did a zoom meeting with my family, both my mom’s and dad’s side. The living room was decorated black and yellow, quarantine tape, with matching balloons; with 2 cakes. I cut one cake then, had breakfast, omelets and turkey bacon, then I had some free time. I read my new books, watched a little TV on my new screen, then my dad came with lunch. we had SUSHI!!!!!!!!!YES! So good. I loved this crab sushi, not California roll, though I like California rolls. Then, we watched a comedy movie together, after playing with the balloons. After that, it got boring so I kept reading and watched more Steven Universe while drawing my own personal Diamond Authority figures. Finally, I came down, watched the whole Mahabarath series on Amazon prime for fun, very interesting and factual, and had the 2nd zoom meeting with my old friends from OHIO!!!!! We moved to Texas about 4-5 years ago and constantly talk to them. I miss them so much. The parents decided to have a zoom game night next Sunday. YAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was soo awesome. Not to mention, my mom made Italian food! Fettuccine alfredo pasta, salad, Facasciabread, and Stuffed Mushrooms. With, a special fizzy pink Lemonade drink!!!! It was so good!!!!! We had a lot of leftovers, so our pasta and bread became our lunch and now dinner. The two cakes are now our snack, dessert, and treats for some time. Possibly until my dad’s birthday, AKA, this FRIDAY!!!!! After a nice evening of wonderful dinner, I read my book to my mom, just for fun, and we watched I am legend. ( In their room) My dad came, my mom fell asleep, and I could have kept watching for more time, as my birthday was still not over, but I decided that yesterday was the best birthday even if it was a bit difficult at this time. I hope everyone has a birthday as amazing as they want. But I never got the best present of all. TO END THIS VIRUS. All we can do is wait, and hope, and SOCIAL DISTANCE.

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