Life of 12 year old- Cornavirus lockdown- Part 22

April 20, 2020:

Let’s talk about reopening the economy. To reopen, they mean, opening up small businesses again, restaurants, airports, etc. As I said in the last post, President Trump is giving the decision to open each states’ economy to the Governors. I know for certain that New York will take longer to open, most likely longer than a month, I think. From Fox News, they say North Dakota is looking to open up before New York. I think everyone is, to be honest, and I think it is a good idea, by looking at their numbers. They have 627 total cases, 42 new ones today and 3 new deaths. Those numbers aren’t that good, 627, but they have fewer cases and deaths. They will definitely open up. A lot of the states are opening up the economy at this point. Around April 22-30 and May. Same with self-quarantines and stay-at-home orders, which will be ended around those times. Some states don’t feel that ready, and they, like the Governor of Indiana, are opening up in early May or sometime later. Here’s what I think. 
I think we should re-open the economy in the states which have fewer cases ( not that few) such as ND or Wyoming. New York will stay closed until the numbers will go down. Until then, nope. Those states who are re-opening will keep testing, just in case. If the numbers are higher and there are more cases, then that state will shut down the economy once again. Their economy will stay shut, and possibly have a few more self-quarantine and stay-at-home lockdowns. The states that are doing better, and don’t have that many cases, will keep it going. The cycle will continue. Eventually, NY will have fewer cases, so they can start to re-open, and then we will issue the plan there like we did for the other states. Not only NY but also NJ, California, Massachusets, and a lot more. We will repeatedly, keep testing. just because we are re-opening the economy and letting go of lockdowns doesn’t mean doctors should take it easy, or anyone in fact. Keep doing what you were doing while in lockdown, and continue testing. Corona isn’t taking a break, neither should we. There also is another thing. Some people still aren’t taking this seriously. A few days ago my parents were commenting on a family who was walking at Walmart and had no gloves or mask on. They had a small child, about 5 or maybe 6 and she was running down the aisle and back. The dad was pushing the cart and the mom was eating something. Just, just, WHY? Why are you even taking a small child unprotected without any mask to Walmart, and why are yi=ou even taking her in the first place? Plus, why did the two of them have to go? Can’t one stay in the car with their child, or one not go at all? This is what makes the decision more difficult. If this keeps happening, then how can they re-open the economy. Yet, re-opening the economy will help a lot, and be one step closer to “recovering.” These were my thoughts on re-opening the economy and what we should so. I hope good things come soon, and re-opening the economy will make a better impact. 

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