Life of 11 year old- Coronavirus lockdown- Part 9

April 2, 2020:

Hi. So, I’m not really sure to write. I’ve been thinking about the plan, and what to do next, and to be honest, my mind draws a blank. I thin, so far, of what is published is my plan right now. If I have any more/new ideas I’ll write them down for the next entry. Here are today’s numbers. Get ready for a whole lot of grief, disappointment, and fear. Mainly the thought in my head during this pandemic. 240,511 people in the US are infected. I think this is the peaking point. My parents and some news articles say that India will also peak soon. YIKES. I have relatives in India and all I want is for them to be safe and not get infected. What will surprise you, even more, is, that there are 1,009,660 total coronavirus cases in the whole world. My mid is jus, blank. I’m a bit tired this evening, so my brain is processing things slower and is not giving me my very enthusiastic creativity and writing ideas today.

I started back on my original schedule today, and I finally checked off Orchestra and all schoolwork completed. Plus, I actually did my Membean today! HOORAY! I still need to do al my Kumon, which I absolutely cannot skip, and yeah. That’s it, for this week. I finished all of my Marathi homework so that’s a plus, but I have class tomorrow which is always a bit awful in some way that I can’t describe. Maybe if I try participating more. Hmmm. ( By the way, this is Marathi shala I’m talking about.) Today I finally cleaned up my desk and rearranged it. It looks sooo much neater now; though I haven’t taken off my Steven Universe, badly drawn, diamond and pearl fusions fan art from the wall. They kind of have their own place. On the wall. Where they will forever stay. I started drawing the four diamonds, separately, and my pink in the first is sooo cute! The first picture has all 4 diamonds, and they are all holding the planets they’ve colonized. White, being the one who most likely cracked Homeworld from her perfect colony is not as big as I intended to draw her. I sorta nailed her blank eyes. Ok, this is just a fact, so any people who have a clue about what I am talking about, please don’t take this offensively. I really did not like the movie, and I also do not like the future episodes. some of them. Before, the diamonds were all, Authority!!!! You will be shattered!!!! I’m colonizing this! Earth will be destroyed with all of its puny humans!!!!!!! The whole plot of them, how they were made with their power and skill and authority was just amazing. But, the one character that just wowed me was White diamond. Just WOW! Everyone mentions White; she’s terrifying, she’s powerful, you have no idea what she’s capable of. When STeven first meets her, she’s like, in a simple authority posture. SHe’s standing nad her arms are just stretched out like she’s just balancing things. She’s also very bright. Literally. Her character is illuminated in that room. She is purely white. You barely see where her face ends and hair starts or even if her eyes are normal. They are just white, with black lashes. Another thing I like, Wite’s whole, character, and outfit. She is completely white, and glowing, like a bright LED light, and her lips are black, she has black painted nails, and a black and gray cloak or cape that is sparkling. Whoever designed her is just, AMAZING. Her power is also spot on. HEr being the main, the biggest diamond with the most authority should have the best power; and she does. If anyone goes against White Diamond, she looks at them, and this laser or white light comes out and hits them. After that, they turn white and dull of color and are immediately connected to everything WHite diamond does and says. They lose themselves and become White’s puppets.  That is amazing. ( Sorta.) Though, in the movie, it was ruined. White was just so bold and strong and now she is all emotional and less diamond authority like. And what’s worse, they just had to make a future. It’s bad enough to have the Diamonds lose their character, which makes them amazing as they show real power, but now they have a series that is all about them helping gems be good. Before it was all, hide from the diamonds. Who shattered PInk?? What about Rose Quartz??? Enough about Steven Universe. I decide to change my birthday. I would spend it at home now, instead of with my friends. In the summer we’ll do a sleepover, and be interactive. One present I really want is a Twoset Violin Practice Hoodie, and maybe a shirt. The apparel is very stylish and great for practice. Anyway, I think I’ll end here. To much talk about Steve Universe. Tomorrow I’ll talk about Twoset. JK! ( Or will I?????)

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