Life of 11 year old- Coronavirus lockdown- Part 8

April 1, 2020

HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I and my friends were chatting just now about today. My friend Sophia changed our group chat to APRIL FOOLS DAY with a devil face and a scary funny mask face. HAHA! Lol! My dad has decided to take a day off because things have been incredibly stressful lately. He asked me if I want to. I’m not sure if that was real or not, I think it is because he said that after lunch I get the rest of the day off. So I decided to do my blog now. Today is going to be a challenge and relaxing. I still need to do my Orchestra HW, record, but I just finished my Membean. CHECK! Okay, let’s get down to business.

Continuing off of yesterday where I shared my thoughts about what I would do for the Coronavirus. So yesterday, I said that it would take me hours before the data came to me. Here is my plan for that. After each person is tested, I want immediate results to come to the doctors or staff testing. They’ll have strict orders to shut down the testing station and put that person in quarantine.  They’ll have a head for each station, one who has contact with me or a flight manager and they’ll be notified about the test. Thereafter, they will contact me, and also see about getting the flight those people were on. I’ll also try to find everyone who was on that flight and get them quarantined and tested. If not, I’ll shut down down the airport, and alert the governors of the state about this. I’ll let them take further matters themselves. I’ll keep checking and keep doing tests in the states. I’ll keep consulting the other leaders and continue taking their advice and ideas. Another thought is to warn Americans before, tell them where there has started to be a case, and start to stock up, and start putting restrictions on hand sanitizer early. Cleaning product companies will be alerted about this as well.  I’ll continue tomorrow.

I just got messaged by my friend, and there was a new post saying that students in Texas will continue the same grade in 2021. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo!!!!!!!!! I’ll have to be held back!!!!!!! If that is going to happen, then I’ll just skip 6th-grade and go to 7th grade instead. Now, I’m just writing my blog and listening to the Tchaikovsky violin concerto played by Itzhak Pearlman. The music and his playing are beautiful. It’s lovely playing.  I recommend it to you, even if you don’t play an instrument or listen to classical music as much. Just try it. It’s just, WOW. Amazing. Anyway. I have got to finish my Kumon and try to finish Orchestra and fix me E-string on my violin, which I ( guilty) was messing around with because I learned how to tune with pegs, and I kind of messed it up just a bit. Oops.

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