Life of 11 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 6

The United States has 159,710 people infected. Wow. China backs down from the third most infected to fourth. They’re getting better, fast; but we’re suffering, fast. I always say my comments about this problem but never about what I would do. To be honest, I HAVE NO CLUE. I now understand how hard it is for world leaders when everyone is counting on you. They are all counting on you to make a decision, one that would help them. Before I got put into thinking in their shoes, I was like, NO PROBLEM. I can think of a solution, but now, I have no clue. I don’t know what I would do. To be a world leader in a time of crisis like right now, and have all the people of your country looking up to you, waiting for your decision, your move, what you will do, is pressuring. I never realized how difficult this is. I now know, what quality leaders need. I don’t feel like I have that, YET. This is my BIGGEST THANK YOU to every leader, important official, government worker, etc. They are working incredibly hard to help us, bring out ideas and brainstorming so they can help us. That takes a long time. They have to come up with a new idea, one good idea that will help everyone, not some people. They are working around the clock in crisis, and are working really hard.

Hi. Today was my first online school day. I think online school, is more exhausting than regular school. I had two desks open on my chrome book, multiple tabs that are kept in their own bg tab for each of my classes, and a lagging computer because of that. I finished most of my homework assignments, I just need to do finish ELA and record my Orchestra video. On the side of that, I haven’t drunk milk so I am incredibly hungry, I haven’t done my membean for today, I am late at finishing my post, I haven’t done my Kumon yet, cleaned the doorknobs, nor have I finished any Marathi HW, which I need to turn in before Wednesday. I have classes on Friday, Saturday is my free day, Sundays are also partially my free day, so the rest of the week is free, only I have online school, not to mention that I am HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!! By the way, I had a zoom meeting with my teacher this morning, and I turned in my HW on the google form. I got #6 wrong because I mistook the diameter for the radius. I also got the PAP extension wrong, all 5 questions which each give me 8 points. SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!! JK. The form says I missed those, but my math teacher emailed us and said it was wrong and graded them herself. The teachers are putting a pass or a fail in the grade book and I passed. Mrs. Wright emailed my score, and I got only #6 wrong. Good. But also bad seeing it isn’t 100, but still, good it is not a fail or the fact that I got all those PAP questions wrong. Woohoo!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, I hope everyone has a fine dinner and evening, I hope I eat soon, and I hope COVID-19 ends REALLY REALLY QUICKLY.

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