Life of 11 year old – Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 5

Coronavirus log day 5:

March 27, 2020 –

98,080 people are infected. Wow. In ONE day. What is happening??? Are people not staying at home for unnecessary reasons?? What are the police doing, because, in India, there is a very funny/ not funny/ very good way of punishing way for going outside for unnecessary reasons. There are police who are making sure that people who are outside for random reasons than allowed to be punished. The punishment is that you get hit on the bum ( the police decide hardness and how many) with a long stick. When you think about it it really sounds painful, but there are some funny videos taken, and they are really funny; because they knew they’d get in trouble yet they still decided to go out.LOL.

Continuing on, today I have my least favorite class in the whole entire world. Marathi Shala. Yes. I speak two languages, almost 4 as I am still trying to learn Hindi and am starting out on Hiragana for Japanese, all thanks to Duolingo. It’s not that I don’t like learning Marathi, it’s just that, I don’t really like my class. I don’t really like the level I am in and how this level makes me feel by its strange taunting “voice.” I also have had to change my schedule up from Math and Orchestra because both my parents are video conferencing. So here I am, blogging, at least upstairs at my very own desk than on the couch. HOORAY!  I wish I could digitally have a conversation with someone other than my friends who just want to play Roblox every time we FaceTime, I don’t have it, or my parents who I talk to every day. Now, I sound like I am complaining aren’t I.

Recent update: 100,390 people are infected!!!!!!!! This is the very first virus I have experienced, and I am terrified. There is an incredibly high chance of getting infected after seeing those numbers, and there are now 5 people infected in my community. I can’t even imagine what would happen if I get infected, or anyone I love and know or care about. I don’t know what to say, because all those people, they probably felt the same way as I did or still do, and they still got infected or know they know someone infected. I’m just truly sorry for those people who have lost someone from this virus or have lost a job because I have experienced that feeling when my dad lost his last year. Please, everyone, just stay safe and just please please please don’t be stupid and go out unless it is absolutely necessary like you need milk or for exercise. PLEASE!!!!!!!! For the sake of your health, my health, everyone’s health, please do not go outside for unnecessary reasons.

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