Life of 11 year old- Coronavirus lockdown- Part 4

Coronavirus log Day 4:

March 26, 2020 –

OH NO! UNITED STATES HAS THE MOST AMOUNT OF PEOPLE INFECTED WITH THE CORONAVIRUS!!!!!!!!! This morning it was THIRD, and now it is FIRST!!!! Ahead of China, ahead of Italy with 82,179 total cases. AND, a record of 3.3 MILLION Americans have lost their job! First of all, WHAT JUST HAPPENED? In New York there at least 37,000 people infected and this is in like, ONE DAY. If there are people out there who are just ignoring the government, they need to seriously be smart and stay at home. If you feel sick, self-quarantine. Sneeze and cough in your arm and THOROUGHLY wash your hands for 20 seconds. If you go anywhere and you touch something, use hand sanitizer. Also, LISTEN TO THE GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To get that thought out of my head I’m going to share the new task I have to keep myself busy. READING! Those who know me will say, ” But you read like ALL THE TIME!” It’s true. But during the break, this is the only time when I get to watch TV or something for a little while every day! I get one day to have screen time for the whole day, Saturday which I chose; so after a long day’s work of homework and stuff, I can do what I love ost, read, and maybe watch TV.

Anyway, my parents brought back two books from my mom’s workplace. The Giver and Song of The Buffalo Boy. I’ve read a part of The Giver before, and I am so glad that I have the book because that small piece was the best. Lois Lowry is such an amazing author and I recommend you read her books. One is Number the Stars which takes place in Denmark during WWII. This historical fiction story is centered on 10-year-old Jewish girl Annemarie Johansen and her family. In this, she risks her life while helping her friend who is posing to be Annemarie’s older sister who was killed by the Nazi military for he works with the Danish Resistance. This story is just so powerful. It is a big recommended by me, and I know books. This one is just WOW, so when I find out that The giver is also by the same author, I have to read it. The Giver is very unique. This story is about a boy named Jonas who lives in his perfect world. There is this Sameness feeling and everything is meant to go in the most rightful way. As you start to read and get further into the story, you might find yourself comparing how real everyday life is compared to this perfect world. Children are assigned to families, so they never meet their real mother, and there can only be two children per family. One boy and one girl. As the kids become 12 they get Assigned to their job, so it’s like their job and what they want to do as an adult is all decided. They can’t choose. They also have many rules, one by which says that if someone makes a mistake/ breaks a rule three times, they will be released. They never explain what releasing it but I’m sure we can all assume what it means. I am just on chapter 6 of this amazing book, and I cannot wait to finish it. This book has made my “break” so much more thrilling and interesting now!

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