Life of 11 year old- Coronavirus lockdown- Part 16

April 10, 2020:

Right now I am posting my blog earlier than I usually do. Why? Well, because I got a part break day. I get to finish 5-pages of Kumon each, writ my blog- HELLO- and read one book that my dad brought from India, ( a few years ago).  I have a special surprise to tell at the end, so keep reading! Let’s start with today’s numbers, shall we? Today, there are 1,633, 118 total cases in the world. There are 99,556 total deaths. YIKES. What has happened??? The US has… 475,838 cases. I was checking the states as well, and New York has had 777 new deaths today. I honestly don’t know what to say. This virus has almost all of us on our nerves and we all have to watch out, and no matter how hard we try, something is going to happen. Just, WHY?? WHY VIRUS?? When will this be over?? When can people go back to interaction, to school, to having a casual talk with friends over the weekend for hours?? When will our normal life return?? How long do we have to wait?? How long will this last?? I know researchers have been working around the clock, trying to come up with a cure; trying to solve this problem so we can all come back, and I thank them. It’s just, when will this be over? I wonder how everyone else is holding up. I remember, the first few days as I came back from Spring Break, the numbers for the US were in the 21,000. In just a few minutes, they went up to 22,000. Here are my questions for the doctors. I want some answers to know. How long will we have to stay distant? Will there be a time where we can’t get out of the house at all? Like Italy? I heard that in Italy, people had to sign a form to go out. They can not go out at all without signing it. They are under full lockdown. Will President Trump have to enforce that as well very soon?

Ok, let’s move on. I wonder what everyone else’s questions about this virus are. I hope whoever else reads this, other than my parents, can comment about what they think. Like a public blog. exciting, but also terrifying because people can be rude, and for security reasons. So, the surprise I wanted to tell you about is… DRUM ROLL PLEASE! MY NEW SCREEN!!!!! YAAAAAY!!!!! The picture is at the bottom. I am really excited to use it today more!! Yesterday I just set it up with my dad and tested it out. Now, I get to use it. THANK YOU SO MUCH MUMMA AND DAD!!!! I get to have an online session with my violin teacher. YES! And I also have Marathi Shala. Egghhhh. Well, at least it benefits me, and I’m getting better at Marathi. I’m not sure what to say. Oh, I’ve been keeping track, and once this week is over, I will officially be at home due to COVIS-19 for 6 weeks. Not very thrilling but also, YAAAAAAY! I’m not sure but it feels like an accomplishment. Like the weeks have gone by so fast! More exciting news: MY BIRTHDAY’S ON SUNDAY!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!! I’ll tell you more about it soon. Ok, BYE!

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