Life of 11 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 15

April 9, 2020:

Ok, so there are 1,595,333 people infected in the world. There are 95,384 total deaths, almost 100,00, OH NO, and 355,388 people have recovered, YAAAAAAAY!!!!!! The US has hit 463,433 cases. Things are going fast. Either tomorrow of Saturday there will be 500,000. WHEN WILL THIS STOP??????? Are people really being that ignorant and, how do I say this, COCKY/ TO FULL OF THEMSELVES to think that they are invincible and the virus can’t touch them?? Not to mention, people seriously think that now is the best time to take a bad crisis in history, the 2020 coronavirus, to do stuff like cyberbullying, hacking zoom meetings uninvited nad doing inappropriate stuff, or even kidnapping. A few days ago, there were like, 2-3 Amber alerts. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE???? YOU THINK NOW IS THE RIGHT TIME FOR THIS??? THERE IS A CRISIS THAT IS KILLING THOUSANDS COSTING THE PRECIOUS TIMES OUTSIDE AND INTERACTION< AND YOU THINK THAT THE MOST APPROPRIATE THING TO DO IS KIDNAP, OR HACK ONTO MEETINGS AND DO INAPPROPRIATE THINGS OR CYBERBULLY????????????!!!!!! I hope that these people are ashamed of themselves, and if they aren’t, then they have a problem! People really think that the worst times are the perfect times to take advantage of things and do something bad. I mean, KIDNAPPING????? What if that child is infected. You will get infected and most likely die. And if you are wanting money, and just kidnapped this kid or someone, then you might just lose something more important if that someone is infected. YOUR LIFE. ( Sorry if that was harsh, I’m just mad at these idiotic people who think that this is the best time to do these things.) These people are just really really dumb. Why?? Is the question I have. Why do this??

OK, let’s move on! I have finished Orchestra HW, and my recording sounded pretty good. My A string notes sounded like metal being scraped. It is very true when you hear it. Ms. Petrovic uploaded a Fri-YAY activity. You get to submit memes and she also gave the option to use the picture of herself during a concert with a funny face/ shocked one for a meme. Being a Twoset fan, I did, ” WHen you practice for 40 hours a day yet your intonation sounds bad at your concert. HEHEHE. LOL! I got SOO many new books to read!!!! I can’t wait until Sunday! WOOHOO!!!!! A NEW SERIES! I’m really excited to read the Nicholas Flamel series, not Harry Potter, I think, and PAX. Also, Code Talker!!! I am soo ready to sit upstairs or downstairs with my soon to be new books and just READ!!!!!!! BYE!!!!11

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