Life of 11 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 13

April 7, 2020:

There are 1,423,642 cases in the world. USA Haas 394,182, as of today. Yeah. Tomorrow or maybe even later today there will be 400,000. I was reading the news the other day and came across this article. Countries in Asia like South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan had “defeated ” the coronavirus and now have to do it again. The article talks about how the leaders of these countries saw that the virus would come their way sooner or later so they started early “flattening curves”. They remembered what the SARS virus did and decided to start ahead an be prepared. Because of this, they had very little cases. ( Not little, but still, compared to the USA and other countries.) Hong Kong got 84 cases on March 28 slowly and steadily and later over the months the cases barely brushed double digits. Same with the other countries. Now they have to re-do their shutdowns and quarantine once again because of US and European travelers, spreading the virus. I think that this was a very good call. Planning ahead. Everyone does when going outside: what to wear. Shopping: What to buy. So on so forth. Why didn’t the US? We knew it would come sooner or later, but why wait? We could have started WAY before and maybe the numbers would have been much better. I wonder if these countries planned it out together. If they did, then why didn’t you share? Maybe they did, only some people may not want to listen. It’s fine. I do that sometimes, my friends do, everyone does. But maybe, just listen. Just hear them out. Take your mind beyond. Think in the future, not in the present. ( But also please do think in the present so you don’t make mistakes sometimes.) If you think ahead, you won’t make a mistake. Plan your steps, your path, your ideas. Plan ahead. ( Mainly to me because I’m lazy sometimes and don’t plan ahead. It REALLY helps.)

I have finished my Leadworthy project. YAY! Check. Finished today’s Membean. Check. Orchestra. Not Check. Ooh! My orchestra teacher Ms. Petrovic uploaded a How to Vibrato which I am super excited about. I’ve been waiting to learn Vibrato for 6-7 years and I have not because of my teachers of the past. BUT NO MORE!!!!! THE DAY OF CELEBRATION AND JOY OF LEARNING THIS NEW SKILL HAS FINALLY COME!!!! HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll write more about my Vibrato progress tomorrow. I have to remember, I won’t magically be able to do vibrato overnight.

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