Life of 11 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 12

April 6, 2020:

Today we have 1,339,548 cases. The US has 362,573 people infected. I was talking to my dad this morning about the virus. We were talking about how doctors have to decide who to give ventilators to if they don’t have enough. He gave an example of there being an old man in who is 65, a middle-aged woman in her 20’s, and a little boy of 8. The problem situation was that there are three ventilators. Give them to the three people. But what if there were two or just one? The two ventilators would go to the middle-aged woman and the little boy. They both have more to offer, and the old man will just age and use up resources. The little boy may also use up some, but in the future, he’ll start helping to make more; not to mention he can’t survive alone if we give the other to the old man. They’ll both need someone to earn for them. If there was only one, then it would go to the middle-aged woman. I first thought it shoudld go to the boy until my dad pointed this out. The boy cannot earn for himself. If he gets a ventilator and survives, who will earn for him/ look after him. He won’t survive. That’s why it should go to the middle-aged woman. She can earn for herself, and also can offer more by working. When I heard this I felt bad for doctors. They have to let patients die based on this system. They have to if there are not enough supplies such as ventilators, but still. I wonder if it is often. HOPEFULLY NOT.

I started my assignments today and finished almost all of them. I got 100 for math, science, my world cultures vocab sort, and finished ELA and Art, which I still haven’t gotten grades for. I think my art submission is probably my favorite. I did Option 2 again, and I created a miniature figure from clay and a small tent, log, campfire, and logs she is holding along with a backpack as well. I placed the little figure’s campsite in the small gap between my books and kindle. I think it turned out really well. Anyway, I just finished, and now I am writing this blog and plan to watch TwoSet afterward. TwoSet Violin is two professional Australian violinists who have created a youtube channel to spread the love of classical music and violins. They used to be concertmasters of big orchestras in Australia, and now make youtube videos about how movies can’t afford to get a proper musician by using logical violin facts to roast them and tell fans to practice 40 hours a day like Ling Ling. Ling Ling is some child prodigy who can play the violin like a master and conquer some of the hardest pieces composed flawlessly.  This is all accomplished because Ling Ling practices 40 hours a day and never stops practicing. You may say that there are 24 hours but for Ling Ling, time goes backward/ reverses so that there are 40 hours in a day. Infinite practice. My friend showed me one of their videos and I thank her for introducing me to this. Through their videos they share many great tips on violin playing. I recommend one video where they talk about the fastest violinist which they proved wrong. Apparently, this guy can play 15notes a second, yet they sound like nothing. TwoSet is amazing and I thank them for making me realize and know why I love the violin every day.

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