Life of 11 year old- Coronavirus lockdown- Part 11

April 5, 2020

There is officially one more week until my birthday, but we’ll get to that later. There are 1,253,043 coronavirus cases in the world. The US has 327,848 cases. Since this morning when I checked, about 9:00 a.m. there have been 873 new deaths. Spain is now 2nd with the most cases worldwide, and France has passed China, becoming the 5th country with the most cases. (This sort of relates to this.) Yesterday I and my dad did a favorite dad movie marathon where we all watched his favorite movies such as James Bond and Planet of Apes. We watched the original Planet of Apes movie which was pretty new to me. I’ve seen the other ones, but never the original and I see how the new ones came to be just from this one movie. The animation, people, setting, characters were just wow. This being made 30 years before I was born and be this good is just AMAZING. We also watched the newer Planet of Apes movies. I’ve seen the movies when I was younger but I think I’ve forgotten them. The movies are really enjoyable. This relates to the Coronavirus because there was a Flu, in the movies. The Simian Flu. At the beginning of the second movie, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, there were small clips of “news” and there was one that was talking about if anyone had any symptoms about the Flu, they should stay home and quarantine. Exactly like what the officials are saying today. I think that everyone should watch the beginning of this movie to see how this Simian Flu and the COVID-19 is spreading. The intro has this map of the world and there are these red lines and points in each continent that show where the flu is and how fast it is spreading across the world. This relates to the Coronavirus today, and I believe that is people today watched this movie or the beginning of this with all the warnings and the maps of how quick the Flu is spreading, they’ll relate it to the virus and maybe, MAYBE, they will understand the big deal. Also, a clip in the WAR movie where the Colonel explains what happens to humans from the Flu, where they will start losing their speech and get severe nosebleeds, might help. If people believe that this virus isn’t a big deal or something, I believe that they should watch these two clips, so they’ll understand what a big deal it is, and how bad it can get. Sure some things won’t be the same, but they also will.

Today is Sunday, and my parents and I are cleaning the house. Before this I finished all my HW without my parents  I dusted the baseboards and the photo frames and washed the windows on our office doors. After that, I decide to work on you, my friend. My good old blog! By the way, I’m getting a new screen and keyboard for my Birthday because my other gifts can’t make it on time. Hmm, I wonder if I sound like I’m bragging by saying this. How many presents or what do other kids usually get on their birthdays?? Ok, this may sound a bit annoying but, I have to do my Marathi Homework, and send a reading video to my teacher before Sunday midnight. It’s Sunday, and the reading piece is sort of supposed to be memorized the best you can so I’m going to try as much as I can at 4;12 pm, my alarm is set, to memorize as much as I can, and send that video in before I get in trouble. I’m not usually one to put off work, but Saturdays are my free days. The only days I get to just relax for the whole day without anyone telling me to do my homework or to do anything unless it is absolutely necessary. The class ends at 7:15 ish and I have dinner after that then I sleep. Sooo, you see why I’m doing it on the last day. Hehehe, a bit Guilty; though I really just want to watch TwoSet Violin all day. I’ll explain more about them tomorrow. BYE!!!!!

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