Life of 11 year old- Coronavirus lockdown- Part 10

April 3, 2020:

There is a total of 1,090,941 cases in the world. The USA has 272,614 cases, and 27,737 new cases as of right now. Germany has passed China becoming 4th in the world, after 1st, USA, then Italy, then Spain.  China becomes 5th. The US is in a lot of trouble. I’ve just been reading Bill Gates’ blog on what he thinks we should do, and I wholeheartedly agree. He says, “… the US has missed the opportunity to get ahead of the novel coronavirus…”   His opinions go further as he explains what he thinks we need. He says that we need a consistent nationwide approach to shutting down. Mr. Gates explains how several restaurants still let sit-down meals and that beaches are still open. I would like to add to that. There have been some people who wait in lines at restaurants for the take out. IN LINES. NEXT TO OTHERS WHO ARE BARELY 3 FEET AWAY!!!! They could choose to have it delivered. But NO. Mr. Gates continues by saying that shutdown means shutdown everywhere until the numbers start going down. His second opinion/view is that more tests should be available. Agreed. Just the other day there was a news article that there are tests needed in rural cities as well. Not just big ones. He states a good example of how New York state has recently expanded its capacity to more than 25,000 tests per day. That’s a good start. New York is the top state with the most cases. Though this is an effort, it’s not enough, as you can tell from the numbers. Mr. Gates continues about how we need more tests and points out, ” …we don’t have a good handle on how many cases there are or where the virus is likely to head next…” Yes. There could be more than hundreds of people still here who are unaware that they are infected, and haven’t been tested yet.  Mr. Gates’s last point is that we need a data-based approach to developing treatments and a vaccine. He explains that in the meantime of Scientists working full speed, leaders can help by not stoking rumors, or buying panic. He provides an example of how long before, the drug hydroxychloroquine was approved as an emergency treatment for COVID and people immediately started hoarding it. This made it hard for lupus patients who needed it to survive; and informs that we should stick to the process that worked of running rapid trials involving various candidates and inform the public when the results come in. When I read Mr. Gates’ bog I’m very impressed. To be honest, my plan is more EHHHHH compared to his. His blog provides more information than I have known about what the officials have done about the virus. I recommend for y’all to check it out. It’s written very well.

Today is Friday. It rained this morning and as I really don’t like rain, Friday rains are the best for some reason. I just get a random feeling about it and feel like today would be a great day. I started graphing Parabolas in Kumon, YAAAAAASSSSSSSSS and finished my HW early so I can write my blog early, and be able to do all my chores with more time to relax before Marathi shala. I’m not sure if my good rainy Friday will help in this case. I settled my birthday list which is, some Twoset Apparel ( which is incredibly pricey), a book filled with logic puzzles, and the A Series of Unfortunate Events books. My parents said that the Twoset Apparel is too pricey, as mentioned before, so they asked if I wanted anything different like a new phone or something. My phone and electronics all work fine even though I have an 8-year-old iPad, Apple Watch Series 1, and an iPhone series 7. All old, but they all work GREAT; except for the fact that my iPad is failing me a bit. I’m thinking about getting a new iPad for my birthday. Nothing fancy, just an iPad and I’m hoping it comes with the small keyboard and pencil. I haven’t made my decision final, but if I don’t want the iPad I’ll try to find something else. I don’t really want much for my birthdays, only things I really want. I’ve never really thought about a new iPad so when my dad asks, I rack my brain and say maybe. I just wat something enjoyable, like books. Right now, I’m a bit tired. It’s Friday, and I want it to be Saturday. I just want it to be 7;15 already so I can be done with Marathi shala, and I want to sleep.

Ok, so this has been really strange so far. When my family and I sleep and wake up, we feel really tired. We don’t really feel tired when we go to bed so when we wake up, we feel that our sleep hasn’t been completed. Even if we try to sleep more, it doesn’t feel right. We just can’t sleep. I think this is because we haven’t had our energy used up a lot like it was before COVID. I wonder if anyone else has had sleeping problems lately. I’ve had a major anxiety and fear of spiders and that woke me up one night at 2 am which I guess isn’t night. ‘Sigh’, I just wish this could all be over, so I can go back to school, so I can interact, and so everyone can resume their normal lives again.

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