Life of 11 year old – Coronavirus lockdown – Part 1

Coronavirus log day 1-

This isn’t any virus, it’s a coronavirus. A new one sprung upon us. Traveling through the air, and passing through a light cough or an occasional sneeze.  The numbers have jumped far too quickly. 21,000 plus then 22,000 plus in a few minutes. Death tolls grow higher and deadlier. States have gone under lockdown, trapping citizens and families into their homes for their own safety. I’m one of them.

Dallas Texas- March 23, 2020:

Two weeks have gone by since I have gone to school. Everyone had expected just a week of Spring Break and two extra days, not two extended weeks due to a terrifying deadly pandemic. We came back from Cancun Mexico, being quite distant from others and washing our hands with lots of sanitizer when outside. I love school and was quite ready to go and learn about a new concept in math or continue learning about our uncompleted topic of Asia and start Africa. Last Monday I was relaxing, just doing my simple homework then watching some Tv long with reading a book or two. Then an email, I would be staying at home during this extended break due to this virus. Why? Because it was officially in the US. No need to panic right? WRONG. Yes, panic because it is a disease that spread as quickly as that into my own country and is becoming worse by the second. To hear this I was fairly disappointed. School would be online instead of interacting and I couldn’t wait to see all my friends and classmates and teachers once again! Then again I was a bit joyful. I wanted another few days off of school. The first few days were fine. Homework, read a book, and I decided to start coding again.

 Creating this on my first day and showing it to my parents, I got pretty creative and decide to create many more, though I got bored quickly. So I had nothing to do except stay at home with a basic boring schedule of wake up, eat breakfast, do homework, eat lunch, code, finish homework, practice violin, watch TV, eat dinner, take a shower, watch video, sleep. Eventually, my dad took grasp of things and gave me a schedule. Do 20 pages total of Kumon, 30 minutes of violin, complete one practice math test, finish as much as you can do from the geometry book, and wash all the doorknobs with a wipe. Then he changed it again and wanted me to stick with the practice of my school schedule. So now I wake up, shower, eat breakfast, do my 10 total pages of Kumon for ELA and Pride, plus Membean, for PE read a news article, do one science NASA problem paper, eat lunch, do Marathi for World Cultures, do my Geometry book and one test paper, have art as a free time/break time, violin, and then do my remaining 10 Kumon pages for my math period. Now I have a new task to write a day by day blog about the coronavirus. To make such a boring task into some fun, I decided to make this more of a journal writing or a daily log. At least I like writing and creating ideas for them.

This was day one of the Coronavirus series, and I hope everyone stays safe, of good health, and smart.

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