Kumon is a tutoring center for kids. I go to Kumon and it helps me alot. It is a math and reading center for kids who need help. Kumon is open twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday. I only go on Thursdays. My mom is the instructor of the Kumon that I go to. I feel that Kumon is a good tutoring center for kids because, it helps kids to get better education.  Maybe there are better places than Kumon but, I still believe that Kumon is the best.  I think others enjoy Kumon but not that much because of the hard work. I think Kumon is the best tutoring center ever for kids but maybe some may not. Maybe Kumon is the best place ever! Maybe not but that is what I believe. I believe that Kumon is a wonderful place for kids to work and learn so I am not changing my mind. I believe that Kumon is the best in the whole world. I always wonder how some adults know some things more than kids in Kumon. So my mom told me that some went to Kumon when they were small. I love Kumon alot. Not because it is mine, because it is a nice working center.  

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