Joe’s crab shack and Pei Wei

Yesterday I went to Joe’s crab shack for lunch. I ate a crab,corn,clam,kalamarie,hushpuppies, and shrimp. Trust me, it did not taste that good.We had Pei Wei for dinner because I really wanted to eat at Pei Wei when we had eaten at Pei Wei, I had forgotten that I had aten at Pei Wei before. It tasted even better than Joe’s crab shack. I had chicken with honey seared sauce and noodles to go with it. I loved it so much that I was lucky because I got to eat it as my lunch today, I didn’t finish the noodles. Going to Joe’s crab shack is important to my dad because yesterday was his birthday and he wanted to eat outside for lunch. Going to Pei Wei is important to me because I never tried it,even if I have I still wanted to try it again.

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