How me and Whateverafter are the same

In the book Whateverafter there is a girl named Abby. She has a little brother named Jonah. She also has a pet dog. I don’t have a pet dog or a brother. But we both moved from a different place. I moved from Ohio to Texas and Abby, moved frome Naperville to Smithville. Abby and me are getting used to a new house now. 1 huge differance is that Abby and Jonah have adventures at night. Not just any adventures. They have a magic mirror in their basement and a fairy named, Maryrose lives in it. The mirror takes you to a fairytale at midnight, and also when you knock.    three times. 1st it starts to hiss, 2nd it turns purple, and 3rd it sucks you in a  fairytale. I haven’t found anything magical yet. But what if I found a magic mirror in my house. I would definitely knock 3 times. It would be so cool! It would feel so awesome to meet fairytale characters! I wonder if there really is a magic mirror in my house. If there was then that would be so cool! What if we had a magic mirror with a fairy living in it. Then that would be just amazing. I would love that because then, I can talk to him or her.

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