Holiday parties

We celebrated New Year with a family party. First we played the game pool. Then we played Jenga twice, watched a movie and last but not least we watched the ball drop. I fell asleep before the ball dropped. On Christmas I got a 12pack,5pack,and 2pack of shopkins from season 6. Also known as season six chef club. Additional to that I got a American Girl Dollhouse for my dolls to live in, scince I  really needed one for my dolls. I got my parents a hand drawn family portrait by me and, a painted picture frame also painted by me. I loved both presents so much that I ended up playing with both for the entire day. I now have  about 200 or 300 something shopkins. I love shopkins so much that when I go shopping with my mom to Walmart in the toy section, I stare right at the shopkins just wanting to buy them all! Even if our New Year party was short it was alot of fun. Things are more funner when you have friends and family with you! They always bring the sparkle into anything at anytime! Even if I would have enjoyed going to a New Year party outside this was a awesome party and I hope we do one like this next year! I wonder  why people celebrate new years with a New Year party. I also wonder how the new year even started. Is there a scientific explenation for than or not? I hope to find out!

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