Galen Texan ice exibition

Yesterday I went to Galen Texsan ICE exibition for a field trip. When we went inside my teacher ( Mrs. Hickerson) Paired us in 4 groups with 5 kids in the groups. I was in Mrs. Hickerson’s group. We saw a video that showed people all around the world and how they celebrate Christmas. Then we saw a video that showed some sculptures made from ice that we were going to see. It also showed Men that came from China and showed how they made the ice sculptures.  Then we got in a line to get thick jackets even though we brought our own jackets. Then we went in the ice room and we went under ice tunels and took a picture in one of the tunnels. We took a picture of Santa’s ice sleigh with us in it. Then we took a picture with a pink ice bear. We saw little sculptures that had kids from all around the world and they also showed a Indian girl! We went down a ice slide and I went down two times with Lexi, Ismael, and Jack twice. But Ruby stayed with Mrs. Hickerson and they only went down once. Later we saw Santa with his naughty and nice list with some elves with him. Then they did a nativity scene with baby Jesus and animals with farm people and his mom and dad. Then we found the rest of the class and went back to school.

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