Kahea is my best friend and she is so nice and she is sometimes like me and I,m like her.We known each other when I was like 3 or4 years old and that’s how we have known each other.She came to all my birthday party’s and I have gone to hers.Our school’s name is muraski.We are in the same room and we were happy to be able to see each other again..We were best buddies with Aima.We all known each other when we were small like 3 or 4 years old.We all had a good time together. Know we can’t see each other because I am not in strongsville.I am in Texas and they are not in Texas.We miss each other a lot and we are not going to see echo other that much.We all had a good time. We all wish we could see each other again.I will come back to visit I told them.Me and Aima had a good time together we really miss  the times together and kahea to. We were in the same school when we met each other we really had fun

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