Fashion magazines are magazines that involve fashion,beauty, and clothing. I think that fashion magazines have a few problems. 1 They give their models terrible looks, 2 the clothes look terrible no matter how beautiful  they try to make it, and finally 3, the posing from their models look terrible!  Though they have terrible things in their magazines/ the models,  thy have excellent beauty products. They mix beauty products together to make 1 big thing! Their newest feature is something you can use to beautify your eyebrows that is double ended. They have a lash on 1 end and a brush on the other. My opinion on fashion magazines is if I like them or not. I hate fashion magazines! I see fashion magazines as little hypnotizing glamour books which try to, hypnotize you to buy things from that company. This is my opinion only.  I like the ideas that they have but I think they make too much makeup in the world. They should try to make more things for kids. For example let’s take clothing. If you have ever been to JcPenny you can see that there are wonderful types of clothing for kids there. But they don’t advertise that, they advertise the women’s stuff. They have amazing clothing for kids when they don’t advertise it! I never saw how much I liked the JcPenny clothes for kids until,I went there. I never knew that there was great clothing there until I went there. Women always know what they want at fashion stores but, kids don’t. They should make a fashion magazine for kids if they have clothing for kids. Even if they don’t have much they should just do it! They might get lots of customers asking for kids clothing. Well that is just my opinion about fashion magazines. Others may like it or may not. 

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