Family and friends

Me and my mom are the same because I’m going to be the same. When I get older I will look like I am my own mom when I was a little girl. My moms mom was like my mom when she was a small girl like me and my mom is going to be like her mom to. I love my mom just because I love the way she’s a good mom and she takes good care of me when I am sad and I miss my dad and I take good care of her to when she is sick and when she is afraid of the dark and it’s just a day only me and her. I love my mom and my dad and my family and friends and they love me to. And if nobody else likes you and you were friends with them then you have to get a gift for the friend that you were friends with and they are being mean. I just want to go back to the u.s.a and give them a gift from my love and they will remember that time I gave that thing that is a keychain from my true home India and I will always remember my friends and my love will be with them.

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