Election Day 3- Sorry! ( 11:14 am)

 Hi! Sorry about the late post. I am currently in school- online school- and have just finished enough of my work to get a few minutes of break. So far, there aren’t any new updates on Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina, or Pennsylvania. One thing, though, is that, apparently, Arizona hasn’t been called yet. Fox announced it was for Mr. Biden first and CNN as well. This is because the AP had announced it. I am actually not very sure if Mr. Biden has gotten Arizona yet, or not. I am really confused about what is right and wrong for the electoral votes, and who has gotten it or not. But, if that is the case, Mr. Biden has only 253 votes, not 264. Most LIKELY, Arizona will be a flip state, like I may have said before without knowing it may be false and will get Mr. Biden up to 264 electoral votes. 

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