Election Day 3- One state away ( 9:25 am)

 Hello! Welcome back to Day 3 of the 2020 Election! Yes, it is a stressful and nail-biting topic that we all wish would just end already, and that is why we’ve got to talk about it. No new updates last night. No states have changed colors. Mr. Biden is still leading in Nevada, the one-state he NEEDS to win if he wants to claim the White House, and one of the states President Trump isn’t paying much attention to, as much as I know. He has already called Pennsylvania as Trump state- despite that he hasn’t won it yet-, which, in my opinion, is pretty stupid. He’s so focused on Pennsylvania, which I believe he will most likely win, and not at all focusing on the one state that he must win if he wants to beat Mr. Biden. If President Trump wins Nevada, then it is over for Mr. Biden. 

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