Election Day 2- Do we have a President yet? ( 7:27 am)

 I have woken up, to learn that there isn’t a new president yet. Seriously? I know that it was going to take a while to count the votes, but seriously. You made a kid stay up until 12 in the morning only to wake up 7 hours later and learn that there isn’t a new President yet. But, we’ve got to do what we always do. Make our faithful predictions. Mr. Biden could win if he gets 3, only 3 states. Yesterday he said he was confident he was going to win Wisconsin, and he is close to winning it. Michigan, close. If Nevada, Wisconsin, and Michigan get called for him, their total of electoral votes is 32. This makes Mr. Biden by EXACTLY 270. The same is also true with Georgia. Georgia is also in a close race. 

President Trump’s winning map:

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