Election Day 2- Congresional Districts ( 8:50 am)

 Nebraska and Maine are the only 2 states to follow the congressional district method. It’s not a bad thing. It’s actually very unique and interesting. Here’s what happens with this method. “Maine and Nebraska allocate two electoral votes to the state’s popular vote winner. Then, one electoral vote goes to the popular vote winner in each congressional district. In Maine, there are 4 electoral votes up for grabs, three of which Mr. Biden has already won. The winner of the last electoral vote is too close to call. The two districts for these two states that will be important this year, are the Nebraska 2nd district and Maine 2nd District. That means s that one vote is the key to winning the White house. At the moment, I have very little info to create a prediction. I’ll write more when I have more. 

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