dentist appointments

When you go to a dentist you first fill out a form. Then the dentist comes and takes exrays of your teeth to see any dental problems. Once they have you exray they get a new set of tools ready for your checkup. After that they take measurements of your teeth with milemeters. If your teeth measurements are below 3 milemeters then your teethare healthy but, if your teeth are above 3 milemeters then they are not healthy. They also take closeup photos of your teeth to see any damage closer. When they are cleaning they take the moisture out of your mouth with a tool called a air water serienge. The dentist ask you questions about your teeth to see any damage or cleaning that needs to be done. Finally the dentist clean your teeth with a special type of toothpaste and rinses your mouth out with water. After the appointment the dentist give you a bag that includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, and some dental floss to keepyour teeth clean at home.Tip! : Have you ever scraped your finger an your tooth and some fuzzy stuff ends up on your finger? Well that stuff is plauqe. Plauqe can harden on your teeth causing it to become yellow. Plauqe can be brushed easily but tartar needs to be takencare of by the dentist. 

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