Min Yoongi

I think it’s pretty obvious I was going to sneak something K-pop related onto my website one way or another. Well, here it is. The name Min Yoongi may not stand out to you much if you’re not too familiar with the Korean music industry, but I assure you might.

Min Yoongi (SUGA):

Every success has a backstory, and in my opinion, Yoongi’s successes are well deserved. Yoongi is one of my biases in BTS, and one of the main reasons I like him is because of his incredible work ethic and dedication. Although he may have a net worth of $8 million today, back then he had to live off of less than 2 dollars per day. He worked at an unpaid part time job at a recording studio, and had to decide between eating 1000 won noodles and taking the bus back home, or 2000 won noodles and walking 2 hours back home. Alongside that, he was an underground rapper and producer, often getting his music stolen. Following his audition and contract with Big Hit-company label- he was working part-time as a delivery boy to earn money. However, he suffered a major accident, badly injuring his shoulder which prevented him from training. Not only that, given his financial status at the time, his family were unsupportive of his actions, causing for him to develop depression, OCD, and social anxiety. Despite all this, he continued to focus on producing music and becoming an idol in order to follow his dreams, now becoming a member of one of the most popular boy bands in the world.

It’s more than just good-looking faces and talent that you would assume got these idols to where they are- it’s the  dedication, passion, and difficult moments they had to endure to get where they are today. Yoongi’s desire to achieve what he’s always dreamed of doing led him to his success, and that’s what I’ve always admired about him. He’s often looked over for his outwards demeanor being ‘cold’, but by understanding what he went to achieve where he stands now you can see who he actually is and why he seems the way he does. Hearing his story and achievements over and over again make me understand what it means to work hard and put your best effort in whatever you do regardless of the outcome. The dedication he’s put is remarkable, and that’s what really makes him inspiring to me.

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