D.I. is a place where you do challenges. I am in D.I. and my team and I are ready for a challenge that will be judged. We decided that we will have our setting in CandyLand. My team is Jenna, Haylie, and Snehal. I am AnnaCake, Jenna is Nutella Ella, Haylie is Lilly Lolly and Snehal is Queen CandyCane/Dr. De Chocolate. Dr. De Choclate is the  bad guy in our project. In DI you do challenges that challenge your brain to do more thinking. DI is a place where creativity and brainstorming is a must!I think DI was the perfect way to help me think more about something like building something important with the only materials you have. This is the best way to challenge your brain anywhere and anyhow.

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